Come Join Us For A Meal

We replaced the tortilla of a breakfast burrito with our homemade Pancakes. Try one of our creations:

The Original Purrito

A large homemade buttermilk pancake with cream cheese spread wrapped around a 3 egg and bacon scramzie


  • The “Steve” Special…..$7

The Original Purrito sub our homemade jalapeno & serrano pepper cream cheese. Add a “kick” to your favorite original!

The Johnny

A large homemade cornmeal infused “Johnny Cake” with sweet chili sauce & spicy homemade jalapeño cream cheese spread, wrapped around a 3 egg and bacon scramzie, topped with fresh squeezed lime juice.


  • The “Grantington” Special…..$7.50

The Johnny Jalapeno Purrito sub our homemade buttermilk pancake…adds a sweeter bite to a spicy Purrito!

The Ham

A hearty whole grain pancake with chive & onion cream cheese spread wrapped around a one-of-a-kind “East Coast Scramzie”: Diced ham, cheddar cheese, and a 3 egg garlic & herb scramzie with chive garnish.


Protein Packed Purrito

A large protein packed pancake (up to 21 grams!) with peanut butter spread, sliced banana, fresh strawberries, blueberries, & raspberries topped with powdered sugar. Substitute a buttermilk pancake to add a little sweetness to your morning!


The same buttermilk batter we use for our pancakes but we’ve baked them into muffins! Puffin flavor availability vary at TPW during service hours. Click here to make a bulk order of puffins that you can take home. 

Original Buttermilk
Two for $2.00

Add an injection of natural maple syrup to each puffin for $1.00.

Chocolate Chip Buttermilk
Two for $2.50

Our original buttermilk batter baked with semi-sweet chocolate bits inside.

Cinnablast Buttermilk Puffins
Two for $3.00

 Cinnamon swirled buttermilk batter with cinnamon bits baked inside.

CinnaBlast Delight Special: Two CinnaBlast Puffins each topped with a homemade sweet cream cheese rose!


Lemon Ricotta
Two for $3.00

Lemon ricotta batter made from scratch and baked into a light sweet citrus puffin.

$1 more….Try a Lemon Ricotta Puff-Czek! 

Our modern take on a Polish jelly filled doughnut (“Pa¸czek”) using our homemade mixed berry & chia seed compote injected into Lemon Ricotta Puffins… 2/$4.00


Pick the type of pancake you want (prices vary), pick your toppings and pick anything you want to have on the side.

Step #1: Pick a pancake:

Country Buttermilk – A homemade fluffy buttermilk pancake!

Two pancakes/two toppings $5.00
Three pancakes/three toppings $8.00
Three mini cakes/one topping $4.00


Johnny Cakes – A cornmeal infused pancake with a crispy outer crust, a light and “puffy” center with an enjoyable crunch.

Two pancakes/two toppings $5.00
Three pancakes/three toppings $8.00
Three mini cakes/one topping $4.00


Whole Wheat & Oat Pancakes – A light & hearty whole grain pancake.

Two pancakes/two toppings $5.50
Three pancakes/three toppings $8.50
Three mini cakes/one topping $4.00


Protein Packed Pancakes – A protein powder flour blend to keep you fueled for sure! Up to 21 grams!

Two pancakes/two toppings $6.00
Three pancakes/three toppings $9.00
Three mini cakes/one topping $5.00


Gluten Free Pancakes – A gluten free flour blend to keep even a sensitive tummy satisfied!

Two pancakes/two toppings $6.00
Three pancakes/three toppings $9.00
Three mini pancakes/one topping $5.00

Step #2: Pick some toppings:

  • Caramel bits
  • Chocolate bits
  • White chocolate bits
  • Cinnamon bits
  • Cream cheese (Philadelphia Whipped; Serrano Jalapeno; Sweet Cream)
  • Natural maple syrup
  • Nutella
  • Peanut butter
  • Peanut butter bits
  • Vanilla whipped cream
  • Whipped butter


You can choose one, two or three toppings depending on your order. Each additional topping costs 50¢.

Step #3: Any sides?

  • Seasonal fruit cup
  • Three egg and bacon scramzie
  • Three egg and diced ham scramzie
  • Three egg scramzie (no meat)

Each side costs $3.00. Add cheddar cheese; peppers, and/or onions to any scramzie for 50¢.

Step #4: Any drinks?

  • Apple juice
  • Chocolate milk
  • Coffee
  • Hot tea
  • Hot cocoa
  • Milk
  • Orange juice

Each Beverage just $1.

Dairy Free Option 

Pancakes made with almond milk

Gluten Free Option

 Substitute any pancake used in our purritos with a light and puffy gluten free pancake for just $1 more.

Vegan Option 

In the works! Stay tuned!

*Batters made daily & pancakes made fresh to order;

First come, first serve (including Puffins). We care about food quality & experience comin’ from TPW.

Please inquire about approx wait time at window.

No call/text in orders…yet.